The Militia Ordinance vs Commissions of Array

(Please note that this is now slightly out of date and there are several more regiments available the player)

During the run upto the beginning of the English civil war, tensions grew between King and Parliament. Control of the county militias, known as trained bands became a central focus as there was no standing army in England. The tensions began to boil and in January 1642 King Charles attempted to arrest 5 members of Parliament. Parliaments reaction was to deny Charles control of the Army.

Parliament passed 'The Militia Ordinance'. It was a piece of legislation that pushed the country one step closer towards Civil War between the King and Parliament of England. It permitted parliament to choose who could command the militia and where. This was an outrage to the King who had traditionally been in control of appointing the Lord Lieutenants to command the county militias (known as Trained bands). It was the first law Parliament had put into affect without royal approval.

In response the king sent out commissions of array to gentry across England empowering them to summon all men aged 15-60. The question of whether to obey Parliament's Militia Ordinance or the King's Commission of Array became an early test of allegiance for nobles and gentry.

Parliaments militia ordinance divided the nation up into "Associations". Each association had a commander and it was his job to recruit into his regiments. This system is simulated in For King or Country.

for king or country area of recruitment

The map above shows the 6 associations that facilitate recruitment of regimented infantry. Both inside and outside of the associations you can recruit basic militia units providing the settlement has a Militia hall, not a Regimental headquarters.

The Regiments

Parliamentarian Regiments Royalist Regiments
Southern Association
The Earl of Essex's regiment of Foote King Charles I lifeguard of foote
parliament roundhead essex musketeersparliament roundhead essex pikemen royalist king musketeersroyalist king pikemen
Western Association
The Earl of Stamford's regiment of Foote Ralph Hopton's regiment of foote
parliament roundhead stamford musketeersparliament roundhead stamford pikemen royalist hopton musketeersroyalist hopton pikemen
Eastern Association
The Earl of Manchester's regiment of Foote Prince Rupert's regiment of blew coat foote
parliament roundhead manchester musketeersparliament roundhead manchester pikemen royalist rupert musketeersroyalist rupert pikemen
Midland Association
The Baron of Brooke's regiment of Foote Spencer Compton's regiment of foote
parliament roundhead brooke musketeersparliament roundhead brooke pikemen royalist spencer musketeersroyalist spencer pikemen
Northern Association
Thomas Fairfax's regiment of foote The Earl of Newcastle's regiment of foote
parliament roundhead fairfax musketeersparliament roundhead fairfax pikemen royalist newcastle musketeersroyalist newcastle pikemen
London Association
Tower Hamlet Trayned bands
parliament roundhead hamlet musketeersparliament roundhead hamlet pikemen
Parliamentarian militia regiment of foote Royalist militia regiment of foote
parliament roundhead militia musketeersparliament roundhead militia pikemen royalist militia musketeersroyalist militia pikemen
Haslerigg’s regiment of horse King Charles I's lifeguard of horse
parliament roundhead cuirassiers royalist lifeguard
Parliamentarian troopers Royalist harquebusiers
parliament roundhead ironsides royalist cavaliers

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