Frequently Asked Questions

What is For King or Country?

"For King or Country" is a mod that depicts the English civil wars. There are two factions; the Parliamentarians and the Royalists. The map is detailed and accurate for the time period. There are twelve historical commanders fighting on each side, and all of them have custom portraits and traits. Both sides have a range of units from Musketeers to pikemen, dragoons to harqebusier cavalry. Each faction also has 6 unique recruitable regiments of foot. Each regiment has it's own banner, coat colour and commander.

The purpose of the mod is to simulate the first English civil war. The main aim is to accurately represent the two main factions, their leaders, their commanders and their armies. The mod aims to provide a unique battlefield experience by representing 17th century warfare, something that no M2:TW mod team has so far achieved.

The campaign map is unique in that rather than having 'regions' or 'provinces' there are historically accurate counties. Each county has a single settlement. Faction generals are accurately placed according to their historical location in 1642 and represented with custom portraits and regiments.

What are the dates of the campaign?

The campaign starts in January 1642 and finishes in December 1651. There are 12 turns per year, each turn represents one month.

Which factions are represented in the campaign?

There are 2 factions represented in the campaign. They are the Parliamentarians and Royalists.

Will you include Scotland and Ireland? If not, why not?

This mod aims to simulate the English civil war. It's central focus is the conflict between Parliament and King that occured on English turf. Neither 'Scotland' nor 'Ireland' will be represented as factions. Scottish covenanters, who had a real impact upon the war on English turf, are represented through the spawning of an army allied to the Parliamentarians.

What naval elements will be included?

Very few. Trade ports only.

Pikemen in MED2 were terrible! Did you fix them?


Musketeers in MED2 were terrible! Did you fix them?

No, as of v1.2, they didn't need fixing.

Muskets are no more powerful than they were in MED2, however there are some significant differences between MED2 and FKoC.

In MED2 you had a large number of heavy cavalry units, and heavy infantry units. Battles were fast, really fast. Most battles involved charging the bulk of your cavalry into the flanks, and using your heavy infantry to break the center. Typical early/mid medieval warfare. Musketeers and arqeubusiers with their slow rate of fire were always going to be less effective than a unit of heavy inf or cavalry because they couldn't take the punishment or give the damage of the latter mentioned units. Defense was something that didn't really exist.

Now in for King or country the pace of battle is much slower. Pikes move forward at a walking pace and cavalry generally do their own thing on the flanks. There's more skirmishing whilst waiting for the pikes to move up, and pikes will often wait until they are given the order to advance. Muskets have a lot more time to give fire and lay-down volleys. Also remember that infantry and cavalry of this period, are in general, less armoured. Certainly there was no armour capable of defending against a musket firing 10 or 12 bullets to the pound. Cavalry are vunerable to muskeeter fire, and muskets are vunerable to cavalry charges. It's a game of cat and mouse.

Are the generals/commanders/leaders historical? How many are there? Do they have special units?

Yes. Every starting general/commander/leader found in the campaign really fought and commanded to some capacity in the first English civil war.

There are atleast 12 historical commanders on each side. The number increases as and when I feel the need to include important historical characters.

Each general has been researched thoroughly. If it has been found that they commanded a regiment of foote, then that the units of that regiment have been created and made available to the commander in his association or commision of array.

Did you include Catholic, Presbyterian and Protestant?

No. Both factions in the English civil war were almost entirely Protestant. There were of course a few exceptions. Using religion in For King or Country would be a waste of a feature. Instead the feature is used to represent 'Support'. Support for either Parliament or King. Every settlement will have a level of support for both sides and this level can be increased or decreased based upon the buildings made in that settlement and the governor that controls it.

Is FKoC for Kingdoms?

No. It is for Medieval 2 patched to 1.2. However, we will be testing if FKoC works with patch 1.3 and Kingdoms. We should know before realese.

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